Plywood, wood, metal, fibre board, soft board, acrylic, spray paint, griptape, plastic. Playstation 4 game console and controller, media player, 2 Mackie SRM350 active speakers, flatscreen TV, audio mixer, audio cables, headphones, cables, racing tyres, foam mats — 114 x 424 x 189 cm
Eating Each Other, Kunsthal Extra City, Antwerp BE — 2018

“Can silent objects tell us something about humanity? Can they, from their quiet state, tell us something about a culture? A Lamborghini, NO BULL Energy Drinks, a solar panel catalogue, a trampoline and a basketball hoop: as in his previous work, Pieterjan Ginckels appropriates objects from Western culture. The objects are not exact copies, but bastardised versions, cobbled together in a DIY fashion using simple materials such as wood, plastic and cardboard. They are stripped back by the artist to a naked, “dumb” state, thus transforming their value and original meaning. By placing them within the context of the cool, critical aloofness of an exhibition, the objects become “minimal art” and assume a totally new cultural and financial value. In ‘NO PEAKS’ neoliberalism is subjected to incisive scrutiny: profit strives for profit strives for profit, until it becomes grotesque.” — Michiel Vandevelde, Kunsthal Extra City, 2018

Photo Mark Rietveld