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Technologies of Togetherness

Pieterjan Ginckels
+ common room

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Photos by Olmo Peeters

Pieterjan Ginckels + common room
— Technologies of Togetherness #1
Being together is a fundamental condition of community. It implies occupying a common space, sharing space. But sharing isn’t easy; it’s not complicated to understand but it is hard to commit to. Togetherness is the mediated relation of this act of sharing.

What happens when we share, when the boundaries of yours and mine aren’t clear? Togetherness doesn’t mean sacrificing identity or the personal, but it does require negotiation. What are the practices, the protocols and the materials that define these negotiations?

Technologies of Togetherness at DordtYart proffers three archetypes of togetherness, the bench, the rug and the coffee maker, and displaces these into the realm of wePod. Within wePod the configuration of these artifacts evokes scenarios that offer a new frame of reference for the relation between the object and the space, the content and the context, the message and the media, of Togetherness.

Attached to each of these three archetypes is a past model environment that deals with notions of Togetherness within a domestic context. These precursors open up the potential for future investigations into the technologies that stimulate Togetherness.

The documentation of the scenarios within the space of wePod will form a basis to discuss Togetherness and how architecture can advance a sense of Togetherness in today’s public realm.